What it means to be a Predator…..
We often talk about the human as the predator and the horse as the prey animal.

But what does that mean practically?
Sometimes we think that it means that horses are very scared or sceptical towards new things or obstacels but that is not necessarily true.
Horses are very curious by nature and when you put a strange object in their pasture for example they will very quickly go and investigate it.

Horses are brave!
If they would be so scared of things they don’t know yet, they would not survive because in nature they see and have to gallop over them every day.

What preyanimal versus predator means more, in contact with us, is that horses are afraid to have to DO something WITHOUT the proper PREPARATION and INGREDIENTS.

So for example: they are not afraid of the plastic tarp. They are afraid that YOU ask them to go over it WITHOUT preparing them for it.

See it like this: if you would visit me here in Switzerland and I would invite you to climb a mountain with me you might be a little sceptical. If the next day, I show up with my flipflops, a t- shirt and no ropes or a helmet you are going to be very unsure and probably scared.

Because I do not look like I know what I am doing. I am cleary not prepared for the job.

If I however show up with the right equipment and give you a heads up about the plan it will give you confidence because the way I look, the way I act and the way I talk shows my competence as a leader. You will trust me.

So when you think about this ask yourself this question: what ingredients do I need for this skill or task to prepare my horse to be able to do it with confidence?