Horsemanship Academy Online Theory Evenings – 3 parts

As a person and instructor, I believe that good leadership makes all the difference in the relationship that you have with your horse.

When you are a good leader it is easy for your horse to trust you. Horses will be happy to be around you and willing to follow your ideas. They will be open and responsive.
Good leadership has a lot to do with knowing what you can do but also knowing what you cannot do or ask from your horse (yet). It has everything to do with making good, savvy decisions.

This also counts for bad leadership. Bad leadership makes horses (and humans) insecure, frustrated, scared or upset. Everything you want to do will be hard because there is no mutual trust and respect. It will not build your confidence and it will not build the confidence of your horse.

There are many qualities when it comes to good leadership but I believe there a 3 important Key Elements:

Attitude and Mindset
– Setting Goals
– Healthy Boundaries

Over 3 – weekly online evening sessions we will discuss these topics in depth.
Annemarie will give a live presentation and in every session there will be question and answer time where you can ask your individual questions and you can discuss them with Annemarie and the other participants.

Dates and prices:
Wednesday 24th maart 20.00
Wednesday 31th maart 20.00
Wednesday 7th april 20.00

Sessions will be between 1 and 1,5 hour long

Individual session – EUR 49,00
Whole package, all 3 sessions: EUR 125,00

Important note: These sessions will be in Englisch and/ or Dutch depending on the participants.


24 maart 2021 - 7 april 2021


20:00 - 21:30